Practise Japanese signs on your mobile phone

If you want to speak and understand Japanese there are lots of things to learn. The Japanese signs are an important part of learning Japanese. There are three 'alphabets'; hiragana, katakana og kanji.

Traditionally, these are practised with a bunch of flash cards. After getting many wondering looks on the bus while practising with my paper cards, I created a small program that can run on a mobile phone. This way it just looks as if you are writing a text message.

So far, I'm calling the program FlashKana. Unimaginative, I know...

FlashKana is freeware - I'm happy if you like it. I take no responsibility for anything that may happen from your download or use of the program.

So far, I have tested FlashKana on Nokia 3510i and 3410, but it should work on any phone with MIDP 1.0. Check this list of J2ME devices. If your phone is not listed as having MIDP 1.0 - or not listed at all - then FlashKana probably won't work on it.

How to use it

1. Start the program.
When it has been installed (see below) it is usually stored under Applications.
2. Click Options and choose whether you want to practise hiragana or katakana.
3. Select 1, 2, 3 or 4.
I'll try 1.
4. Oops! That was incorrect!
The program shows what the right choice is and remembers that you had problems with this sign, so you will get a new chance soon.
Select the right one to move on.
5. The program moves on to a new sign.

How to install the program on your phone

1. Select Services.
2. Select Go to address.
3. Go to the address and click on the link to 'FlashKana' (not shown here).
The program is normally saved under Applications where you can find it next time you want to practise.
  If steps 1 - 3 fail, try pointing your phone to or in stead.


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